FE10 in front of the Silo roundabout
2023-24 Season

It's been 10 years - let's make our 11th one to remember.

Who We Are

Our group is composed of approximately 50 extremely dedicated UC Davis engineering students working together year-round in order to compete in the annual Formula SAE Electric competition. We come from diverse interests and backgrounds but are united by a passion for engineering, and of course, racing.

About the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) Collegiate Design Series

Photo of SAE Logo

Formula SAE Electric is a design and engineering challenge for university students designed and run by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The goal of the competition is to design and build an open-wheel, single-seat, electric racecar conforming to a stringent set of rules, which emphasize drivetrain innovation, safety, and energy efficiency in a high-performance application. Our team’s cost, design, and strategic positioning decisions are made to take into account the interests and requirements of a weekend autocross racer. These decisions are then presented to a panel of engineering industry professionals in the business presentation.